It all started at mile marker 352 on the New York State Thruway, on a 550+ mile single day ride from Michigan to Saratoga Springs, NY, when a NY State trooper pulled across the highway in front of my cousin, who was on his 34 year old motorcycle, and told him the highway was closed for the President. When asked 'what president' the now annoyed trooper simply said "you're going to get wet." After 20 minutes sitting on his bike in the pouring rain waiting for Air Force One to make its approach into a nearby airport, my cousin was soaked to the point that a dude in a pickup felt sorry for him and told him to hop in to wait it out. That was the impetus for SchitStorm.


We don't make yoga pants, but we're game for just about anything else, as long as it pokes a little fun at the crazy world we all have to deal with. We've started simple and we have pages of ideas for products as we move forward. Some will be our own designs, others will be cool products from other companies.

We're a bit nuts about quality and will ensure that everything we sell is something you'll be proud to own and wear or use.  With our basics, we've bought or received hundreds of t-shirts and sweats over the years and we know the difference between the ones we'll wear and the ones that will never see the light of day because they are just crap. We've selected our products as if we were going to wear it every day until it falls apart - and we're going to do just that and we think you will too.

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The company is hiding in Vermont but the cousin and the attitude comes from Detroit. Think Lake Champlain meets Zug Island. Now that is an interesting mix. Enjoy, have fun, and drive straight into it.

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