Making Schit We Want

The SchitStorm Moto Long Sleeve Tee in black, the ultimate statement piece for all those that rule the road on two wheels.
Moto LS Tee
Moto LS Tee

Moto LS Tee

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Rev those engines of laughter and cruise into style heaven with the SchitStorm Motorcycle Gear 'Moto' t-shirt in black! Made from 100% cotton, this tee is more comfortable than a weekend joyride and cooler than a leather jacket in a snowstorm.

Front and center, you'll find the 'Moto' design, so sleek and stylish, it's practically a VIP pass to Sturgis. It's not just a t-shirt; it's a declaration to the world that you're not just a person; you're a force of nature on two wheels. You've traded mundane commutes for legendary journeys and traffic lights for your personal runway.

In black, the eternal shade of coolness. It's like the night sky decided to lend its awesomeness to your wardrobe. And let's be honest – black goes with everything, whether you're pairing it with jeans, leather pants, or even your fanciest kilt (because who's going to argue with someone rocking a SchitStorm tee?).

And speaking of comfort, this 100% cotton masterpiece feels like a gentle hug from the wind as you zoom down the open road. It's so cozy that you might just want to wear it to bed and dream of epic motorcycle adventures, where the roads are endless, and your playlist is on repeat.

The 'Moto' tee is a conversation starter, a joke that never gets old, and a wink to fellow riders who totally get the lifestyle. It's the ultimate icebreaker at biker meetups, office parties, and family gatherings where you're guaranteed to be the coolest cousin.

So, whether you're a seasoned road warrior or just someone who wants to inject a bit of moto-madness into their wardrobe, the SchitStorm Motorcycle Gear 'Moto' t-shirt in black is your ticket to style stardom. Slip it on and get ready to rule the streets – because with this tee, you're not just wearing fabric; you're wearing a lifestyle, an attitude, and a dash of comedic genius that's as irresistible as a free gas station donut.

 - Premium long-sleeve cotton crew neck t-shirt

- Super soft 4.3oz combed ringspun cotton.

- Fabric laundered for minimal shrinkage

- Cool interior printed label

- and that pesky fabric contents/made-in label is a tear-away