Making Schit We Want

Too Much of a Good Thing

It was supposed to be a fun day on the slopes at the ski resort. The sun was shining, the snow was fresh, and everyone was excited to hit the slopes. But then, as the day went on, the weather turned for the worse. The sky became dark and the wind picked up. The snow started to fall faster and harder, until it was a blizzard.

Suddenly, there was chaos. People were screaming and running, trying to get inside the lodge. The ski lift stopped working and people were stranded on the slopes. The power went out and it became difficult to see anything.

Everyone huddled inside the lodge, waiting for the storm to pass. But it didn't seem to be letting up. People were starting to panic and there was talk of calling for help.

Then, a group of ski patrol officers came in and reassured everyone that they were working on getting the ski lift back up and running. They were also making sure that everyone had enough food and blankets to stay warm.

As the night went on, the storm slowly began to calm down. The power came back on and the ski lift started working again. The ski patrol officers led everyone back to their lodgings and made sure that no one was left behind.

The next morning, as the sun came out, everyone emerged from their lodgings to see the damage from the storm. It was a mess. Trees were knocked down and there was debris everywhere. But everyone was safe.

The ski resort staff worked tirelessly to clean up the mess and get the resort back up and running. And eventually, the ski slopes were open again, and people were able to hit the slopes once more.

Despite the chaos of the blizzard, everyone was grateful to be safe and sound. It was a reminder of how important it is to stay calm in times of crisis and to work together to ensure everyone's safety.

(a ChatGTP generated story)